Wednesday, April 28, 2010

D-Day...the day that all plans went wrong

The day was not as hot as the earlier ones. The day was to be the epoch . Mark an end to the monotony of rippling fire that swept across the plains. Yet when the rain came, I felt alone. Now usually being alone is something I enjoy. To not to laugh/smile when you do not genuinely feel like doing so is a blessing. But this rain was different. To watch the dust dissolve in the droplets only to form a murky tide culminating in a whirlpool of emotions was just simply speaking ....confusing. At one end I wanted to do something pretty desperately. Yet my inhibitions kept me back constantly reminding me of the way "I was to be". The helplessness that ensued would sporadically pop up like a jack in the box and punch me in the face ..........then laugh at my sore ego to say........"dude forget it".....

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