Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Last two years made me realize something. The importance of living your own life. To make your own decisions, which might necessitate the occasional lie to pacify your near and dear ones who are entwined in their worries for you. To really make a deep friendship you have to occassionally flout the rules. Bunk the odd class, sip the odd wine(and find out for yourself that you dont like drinking at all) and gorge on food which your prickly sense of conscience would otherwise tell u is not worth the money and will make you fat. In a sense these shared moments are the only impressions you will remember down the line. ....and definitely not how well you performed in an odd test. Also finding folks having similar frequencies is important. Because as I realized a truly dear friend is someone with whom you can share your frustrations as well as your triumphs. And someone whom you will feel to be just as fallible as you but stronger than you when you need him/her.
To 3 of my dearest friends in IIT,KgP....cheers !!!!

Youtube link for out farewell party dinner speeches:

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